HotQA Whitepaper

Roadmap and completed milestones

What we've done and will develop
Please note that the ordering of these priorities including massive traction, breakthrough research, and feedback from the community could change influenced by many factors. In addition, it should be understood that these are projections that we are making to the best of our ability but are subject to many potential disruptions. HotQA is a bleeding-edge app applying emerging technology so it inevitably incorporates unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology.
Q4 2021
Market Research and Preparation, MVP
Q1 2022
MVP & Internal Beta tests Infrastructure preparation
Mechanism built for question contribution
Payment gateway built and test
Q2 2022
Seed Round
App released (iOS/Android) with some functions
Live-streamed mechanism integrated and internal beta test for live events Question Bank (in Vietnamese) developed
Q3 2022
Question Bank (in Vietnamese and English) developed PvP & PvG released
Q4 2022
Question Bank developed (59 categories created)
Socials function built Go-to-community
Q1 2023
Airdrop Campaigns
Partnerships & Users Growth
'On-going Challenges' launched
Community Leaders called
Live game shows released
Q2 2023
Metaverse Model Research & Planning
Live games on OTT Platforms & Television IDO Staking
VoxEdit investigation and integration
Q3 2023
HotQA Game Show in Metaverse Trivia Game Show Maker Closes Alpha
Liquidity Mining and Staking program update
Land Token Presale
Q4 2023
Land Public Sale
Trivia Game Show Maker Open Beta
HotQA Foundation
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