๐ŸŽคHotQA AMA Platform

Supporting crypto projects more interactive with their audience

โ€œAsk Me Anything - AMA" are popular sessions in cryptoverse, where community members ask questions live and have a dialogue with the host or other participants on enablement topics.

Traditional AMAHotQA AMA Platform

Questions Format

Questions are answered in the order 'first-come-first-serve'. There is no way to prioritize the essential and important questions to the top of the comment. And it's really hard for the host to manage the answered questions when hundreds or thousands of questions come into comment box at the same time.

โ€˜Top-questionโ€™ first participants post the question and vote for it, the question with highest count will be placed on the top of the question list. From the audienceโ€™s view it will prevent duplicate comments/questions and focus on the main concerns. From the hostโ€™s view it transfers the information to the audience in a more effective way, one answer for thousands of 'vote'. And the host can also mark the answered questions quickly.

Community Interaction & Approaching

Starting to approach the community for a new project is not always easy and making the audience interactive in traditional AMA platform needs a deep experience of operation. AMA hosts usually use over than 1 platform to organize the events and create activities for their audience to interact.

HotQA is a community-based platform that connects and brings the community together. Joining HotQA means you gain access to our whole community and the events will be in two-way interaction. Not only the audience ask the hosts, but also the hosts create questions for the audience to answer and improve their understanding on the projects.

Innovative Participation

AMA session is driven in a traditional and boring manner, question-and-answer, only people who are already interested in or have a knowledge of the topic willing to participate. There is no way to encourage newbie or reward active participants.

With HotQA platform, new projects can easily attract participants from novice to veteran with a mechanism supporting rewards for audience. Token rewarding for good answer or active participant will be an encouraging invitation.

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